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BETWEEN THE FRETS |:| 01/04/12

Alter Bridge Wembley DVD Release Dates Announced

Remember that time you played Wembley arena in front of thousands of fans? Probably not. But Alter Bridge does and they want you to remember as well. You’re chance to live vicariously through the AB boys is coming soon so scope a batch of release dates by region below.

Uk - March 26

US & Canada - March 27

Germany & Austria - March 30

Also, if you haven’t spoiled the set list for yourself, I recommend doing so. I don’t think there’s an Alter Bridge fan in the world that would be upset by the choices. Check it out.

This Ke$ha Quote Needs No Context Or Commentary

People say that rock and roll is dead, and it is my mission and my goal to resurrect it in the form of my pop music," Ke$ha told MTV News. "That’s the goal. We’ll see what happens.” 

James LaBrie Announces New Solo Album, Strikes Dramatic Poses

Ok, so maybe the second part of that headline is nothing new, but it’s still awesomely true. What’s even more awesomely true is that LaBrie, you probably know his croon from his work in Dream Theater, announced that a new solo album is being recorded.

 The usual suspects of a LaBrie solo album are involved, meaning you’ll hear more Matt Guillory (who has worked with LaBrie for years) and Peter Wildoer (who actually auditioned for the drummer spot in Dream Theater last year). Even cooler, however, is that Soilwork lead guitarist Peter Wichers is co-writing songs with LaBrie and crew.

 SoilTheater? DreamWork? DreamSoil? SoilDream? TheaterSoil? DreamSoilTheaterWork?

Whatever it is, I’m excited. Check out a track from LaBrie’s last solo album, Static Impulse.

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