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Between the Frets |:| June 12, 2012

What’s up guitar addicts?

We got some new footage over on our website for you.  Head over to FRET12 to check out an exclusive video of a day with Tom Morello.  Also be sure to get in your questions for Justin and Joshua from Motion City Soundtrack as well as Joel from Collective Soul.  

You can now own the video for the live performance of “You Waste Your Time” by Tremonti.  Head on over to iTunes today to get your copy for only $1.49! 


This week we got the Army of 12 tees for 15% off.  Show that you support the movement and snag one of these from the online store.  Click on the picture below and throw one of these in the cart!


The dates have been revealed for the 2012 Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival.  The festival will run 30 dates between August and September and headlining the main stage will be Shinedown, Staind, Papa Roach, and Godsmack.  Head over to the Uproar website to see if the festival is coming to your neck of the woods. 

Last night was the annual Metal Hammer Golden Gods awards over in London.  Mastodon scored the trophy for the night’s top honor of best album for ‘The Hunter.’  The band took home the same award last week at the Kerrang! Awards.  Here is a rundown of the rest of the winners of the night:

Best New Band – The Defiled
Best Underground Band – Watain
Breakthrough – Ghost
Best U.K. Band – Saxon
Best International Band – Lamb of God
Best Event – Iron Maiden’s U.K. Tour
Best Live Band – Rammstein
Dimebag Darrell Shredder Award – Devin Townsend
Metal as F— – Anthrax
Spirit of Hammer – Bill Bailey
Best Drummer – Vinnie Paul
Inspiration – Roadrunner Records
Icon – Fear Factory
Riff Lord – Machine Head’s Robb Flynn and Phil Demmel
Golden God – Manowar’s Joey DeMaio

That does it for this edition of Between the Frets. As always, hit us up anytime via Facebook or Twitter and check out for all things guitar.  If you want to help support the movement, join the ARMY OF TWELVE and link up with the underground army of fans to promote music.  To learn more, search Facebook and see if there is a chapter in your area.  If not, YOU could be the one to start up a local chapter. 

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Evanescence Returns, Its Official!

Evanescence has released a new single! “What You Want” is now able everywhere and you can listen to it here!


Jani Lane Dead

Former Warrant singer Jani Lane was found dead Thursday morning, an overdose is rumored to be the cause of his death. FRET12 extends our thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.


Mushroomhead Off The Drugs

Jeffrey Nothing, the haunting voice behind Cleveland’s pioneering alterna-metal collective Mushroomhead, has signed with Suburban Noize Records. Nothing will release his debut solo album, ‘Nothing - The New Psychodalia,’ through the label in October.


Slash and Mary J…A Dream Combo?

The duo just started recording together…no idea why? Either way it could be cool!


Tribute to Dimebag

Trivium, Disturbed, Godsmack and others played Pantera classic “Walk” on the Mayhem Festival the other evening, honoring Dimebag Darrell. Check out the footage here.

Thrice Acoustic

Thrice released an acoustic track of Anthology, enough talk, listen here.


Woe, I Don’t Care

Vocalist Travis Carter has left the band Woe, Is Me.

Happy Birthday!

Mikko Lindström

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Metallica-Megadeth Supergroup?!

Dave Mustaine has commented that since rekindling his friendship with James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich he has had many ideas, one is a supergroup, here is what he said, “I’ve talked to Lars and James about me and David [Ellefson, Megadeth bassist] doing a supergroup record with Lars and James. Well, James said ‘no,’ but it’s still kind of out there in the air. I’m gonna keep hammering on him. It’s on my bucket list.” Listen to the interview here.

Chili Pepper Addiction

Jane’s Addiction and Red Hot Chili Peppers are once again on the top of the rock charts with both their new singles. It is a blast from the past, but, check out the new singles here and here to prove to yourself these bands deserve it.

Tuesday, the 1st (no superstition)

Megadeth has confirmed its new album, TH1RT3EN, will be released November 1st of this year. Looking forward to this one and look out for FRET12’s latest interview with Chris Broderick!

Tom Morello Surprisingly Talks Rioting

Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello recently commented on the London riots, he said:

"I have been following matters in the U.K. rather closely and I think it’s no accident that over the course of the last year we’ve seen this kind of social unrest around the globe from the Arab Spring, to the riots in Spain and Greece caused by the austerity measures and the 100,000 people seen on the streets of Wisconsin as working-class people stood up for their union rights…”

Read more here.

Stalker Alert!

John Frusciante, former guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, claims that he is being stalked by a female fan, and both parties are due in court later this month, reports TMZ.

The 32-year-old woman, August Elizabeth Thomas, approached Frusciante in 2010, asking to write a screenplay about his life, according to claims filed by the musician in L.A. last week. 

"I am worried that she is unstable and that she could snap at any moment," Frusciante said. "I feel like I’m being stalked."

Soundwave Festival Cancelled

According to Australia’s long-running rock station Triple M, Aerosmith was the second headliner the organizers of the Soundwave Revolution festival were chasing before the entire event was ultimately called off due to “poor ticket sales.”

“The organizers were saying they were waiting for a No. 2 headliner, but the fact of the matter was ticket sales were lagging,” Triple M's Nui Te Koha said.

Read more about the cancellation here.

Coheed and Indicted

According to The Sun Chronicle, former Coheed and Cambria bassist Michael Todd has been indicted by a Bristol County grand jury for allegedly robbing narcotics from a local pharmacy hours before a concert in Mansfield, Massachusetts.

Todd, 30, faces charges of armed robbery and possession of narcotic painkillers related to the holdup a Walgreens in Attleboro, Massachusetts.

He faces arraignment Sept. 8 in Fall River Superior Court, Gregg Miliote, a spokesman for Bristol County District Attorney Sam Sutter, said Tuesday.

Another Animal Out Of The Hiatus Zoo

Another Animal, featuring members of Godsmack, will be releasing a new single very soon. Drummer Shannon Larkin said this about the band’s new song, "Fall Of Rome:" “[Its] a heavy, charged track about the recent overthrowing of lame leaders and governments by the ones with the real power: the people. Egypt, Tunisia and now Libya are repeating history before the eyes of the world stage, and this song is like an oppressed person talking directly to an unjust dictator saying ‘enough!’” He added, “If the song does well enough at radio, we will tour in the fall and make a new record as well.”

Heavy Metal Albums Are Selling

Check out report about this last weeks album sales for metal bands here.

Portnoy’s New Dream

Mike Portnoy’s new band, Adrenaline Mob, is actually awesome! Check out the band’s first EP here, and be sure to pick it up!

Mike McCready Rehearsing Alone

Want to see Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready rehearsing for the band’s upcoming tour? Click here.

Foo Fighters Stream

Watch Foo Fighters full set from Lollapalooza here, might have to fast forward a little but you’ll find it around 18 minutes.

Walmart Closes Stores

And today’s lesson? It looks like price isn’t the most important thing when it comes to music downloads.  Once upon a time, Walmart was an ‘iTunes-killer’ with deeply-discounted, 88-cent MP3s.  But discounts meant little compared to integrated iPod and iPhone integration, a superior iTunes user interface, and the tether created by stored credit cards (which Apple does well).

And just like that, Walmart is now closing its MP3 download store, thanks partly to weak consumer demand and price insensitivity.  The following certified letter was recently sent to distribution and licensing partners, and shared exclusively with Digital Music News:

"After eight years in business, the Walmart Music Downloads Store located at will close on August 28, 2011.  All content in the Store will be disabled and no longer available for download from the store.

"The sale of physical record music products on as well as in Walmart US retail stores will remain unaffected. Walmart Soundcheck ( will remain operational as a live streaming site without any download options."

Read more here…  

Happy Birthday!

Aaron Kamin

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Broken Benjamin

Breaking Benjamin's longtime lineup is done after lead singer Benjamin Burnley reportedly fired guitarist Aaron Fincke and bassist Mark Klepaski over an unauthorized remix of the band’s song “Blow Me Away.”

According to The Citizens’ Voice of the band’s hometown of Wilkes-Barre, Pa., Burnley fired Fincke and Klepaski over e-mail last May after the pair allegedly gave permission for a remixed version of “Blow Me Away” to appear on the group’s upcoming greatest hits album, “Shallow Bay: The Best of Breaking Benjamin.” Burnley claims that Fincke and Klepaski were offered $100,000 by the band’s label to approve the revised version of the song, and that the pair did not inform him or the band’s management of the remix. 

Attorneys for Fincke and Klepaski reportedly “dispute and strictly deny” Burnley’s claims in a court filing last month. According to the Associated Press, Burnley’s attorney, Brian Caplan, says that the singer is seeking $250,000 and exclusive hold of the Breaking Benjamin moniker.

“The relationship between Mr. Burnley and the two other members of the band has ended,” Caplan says. “Mr. Burnley intends on moving forward using the name Breaking Benjamin and the band will continue. It just won’t continue in its prior configuration. He’s not retiring.”

Rage For Los Angeles

Read this review of Rage Against the Machine's L.A. Rising Festival here.

Falling In Reverse…Who?

This band sold 18k copies of their debut album this week. Who are they!?

Mike Mushok Opens Up

Staind guitarist Mike Mushok sat down with AOL’s Noisecreep and spoke about the band’s new album as well as the tough time the band went through to create it. Read the interview here.

Saliva Filtered Clean

Saliva and Filter, two bands whose glory days are behind them…still their co-headlining tour is getting rave reviews. Read one here! Be sure to check this tour out if you are looking to hear those old CD player songs!

48 Hours More Of The Same Festival Line-up

Korn, Avenged Sevenfold, Godsmack, and the laundry list of radio-rock bands at the 48 Hours Festival…but it is in Las Vegas! Sold!

This Is A Band Logo

Can you name who this band is?

Thin Lizzy Rig Tour

Check out this video of Thin Lizzy's guitar tech giving a tour of the band's guitar rig.

Marketing Piracy

One is all about control, stamping things out, and shutting things down. The other thrives on organic growth, emotional connections, and word-of-mouth.  Yet Big Machine Records puts anti-piracy on the same level as marketing in its releases, as evidenced by a recent campaign for Taylor Swift’s Speak Now

The anti-piracy policing starts pre-release. “Stopping pre-release leaks is as crucial as anything else we do to help make a new album a success, which is why we were so pleased with the way the leaks of Speak Now were contained,” Big Machine international director of marketing Brad Turcotte said, part of a recently-distributed IFPI report.  Turcotte is referring to Swift’s highly-successful, 2010 release, whose anti-piracy response looked like this (graph supplied by the IFPI):

Read more here.   

Happy Birthday!

James Hetfield

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Judgment Day For Godsmack

According to, city officials in Watertown, New York have not yet made a decision regarding the proposed Godsmack concert on the city-owned Alex T. Duffy Fairgrounds following a Monday morning city staff to discuss the event.

“There was no decision made today, City Manager Mary M. Corriveau told following her meeting with “department heads” from city police, Public Works and Parks and Recreation departments to discuss “safety issues.”

Promoter Sebby Abbate of AMP Entertainment told he plans to hire 40 security workers at the Godsmack show, which is expected to have an attendance of around 6,000.

Chili Peppers Turning Up The Heat

Check out this interview with Anthony Kiedis and Chad Smith discussing the new album’s writing process and their new band member Josh Klinghoffer.

Nirvana (Tupac)

Nirvana’s 20th anniversary release of Nevermind comes with a few awesome extras. Check them all out here.


Ready For The Death Punch?

Five Finger Death Punch has released a new song, lets see if it sounds like every other song…survey says probably. Is it a bad thing though?


Gene Simmons News…

Gene Simmons is engaged. Enough said, way to go Gene!


Every Time I Die is Alive

Every Time I Die has announced a winter tour, their first in a long time since Keith Buckley and Josh Newton took some time with The Damned Things.


New P.O.D.

New song, be the judge.


FRET12 Taking Back Sunday Interview

FRET12 will be sitting down with Eddie Reyes and John Nolan of Taking Back Sunday on Saturday. If you have a questions you would like answered, submit them soon!


Ford Dumps CD Players

Ford is now officially ditching the in-dash CD player - just like the tape player before it.  “In-car entertainment technology is moving digital more rapidly than almost any other element of the vehicle experience,” said Sheryl Connelly, global trends and futuring manager at Ford Motor Company.  ”The in-car CD player – much like pay telephones – is destined to fade away in the face of exciting new technology.”     

The company pointed to its Focus as the first model that will go CD-free, part of an aggressive move towards integrated smartphone, USB and MP3-focused support.  Ford has been pushing in-dash digital entertainment integrations through its SYNC system for some time, a shift that includes touchscreen support for apps like Pandora (and, scarily, Twitter as well).   

Then again, not every model is going CD-free immediately, and some shufflers will be kept in the lineup - for now.  ”Ford will obviously continue to offer CD players while there is demand,” Ford multimedia manager Ralf Brosig told Expert Reviews.  ”However, over time we expect customer preferences will lead us quickly into an all-digital approach to in-car audio entertainment.”

FRET12 Fan of the Week

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The Wait Is Over

Blink 182 has released a new song. No more talk, listen and enjoy!

Summer Mayhem

The fourth annual Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival began this week. Headliners Disturbed, Godsmack, Megadeth, In Flames, and many more highlight the amazing bill. Dates run through August, be sure to check out if the tour runs through your town!

Dave Growl

Foo Fighters guitarist Dave Grohl became the #1 search result on Yahoo for a day after his rant at a show kicking a fan out for fighting another fan in a mosh pit. You be the judge, mosh or dance?

Evanescence Returns…Cool?

Amy Lee, the famed singer of Evanescence has begun teasing fans with the band’s new music. It has been years since the band’s last album, which fans have eagerly awaited. Many reasons have plagued the band’s return including a revolving door of members and label disagreements with the band. Check out this article with some videos of the bands new music.

Vai and Satriani, Enough Said

The House of Blues Hollywood rocked this past Sunday, July 10, when Joe Satriani and Steve Vai hosted a benefit concert in support of their friend Cliff Cultreri, a music industry veteran. The duo raised over $100k.

A number of items from Satriani and Vai’s personal collections were auctioned off, including custom amps, cabinets, pedals and guitars. An autographed Satriani red JS1200 raised $6,200, while a custom Fibenare guitar collected $4,800.  The auction continues until today, bid on items here.

The White Stripes Never Die

The White Stripes may have broken up earlier this year, but they’re not letting their non-existence getting in the way of debuting new material. The rock duo has released two previously unheard tracks through the Vault subscription service of Jack White's label, Third Man Records. Listen to them here…and here.

Kurt Cobain Still Building Bridges

Aberdeen City Council may name a bridge and small park after Nirvana's frontman Kurt Cobain. Alberdeen, Washington is Cobain’s hometown and was the theme of “Something In The Way,” a song off Nevermind. It is said to be about Kurt’s experience while briefly living under a bridge over the Wishkah River.

George Harrison Documentary

A documentaryon George Harrison will premier on HBO in October. The film will be produced by Martin Scorcese and Harrison’s widow Olivia. It is set to air in two parts on October 5th and 6th.

Tweet This

This is interesting to think about. The following diagram compares the best selling albums of this year to the Twitter rankings of the artists themselves. The results seem to show that for artists outside of the mainstream pop, constant tweeting can seem like a waste of time.

Tim Mahoney Interview

Look out for FRET12’s interview with 311 guitarist Tim Mahoney which will be live soon. Look out for our contest to give away a great 311 poster signed by Tim.

Happy Birthday to Joe Satriani!

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